Overview of Smok Novo in London

Overview of Smok Novo in London

Smok Novo is really a restaurant that serves authentic Asian and Pacific Rim dishes. The chef/owner, Kiara Saleh is originally from Pakistan and found america over five years ago. Like many immigrants, she landed in New York City and worked hard to make a better life for herself and her family. Once the opportunity to open her own restaurant arrived, she knew right away she wanted it to be a place where people from all cultures and ethnicities could enjoy her food. With her passion for food and her knowledge of cooking and preparing dishes from many parts of the world, she ensured Smok Novo would be different.

Smok Novo

Smok Novo may be the brainchild of two women who had similar tastes in food and knew they could create an American dining experience by serving only the freshest, best seafood. In addition they knew they wanted every dish to be delicious, creative and healthy. The goal was to provide customers the best Asian and Pacific Rim dishes they can find. They have succeeded in accomplishing their goal.

In this multicultural community, you can find many dishes that are Asian in origin. Most of the food served is a fusion of traditional Japanese dishes along with dishes from Korea, China, along with other countries. Of course, the primary course is Smokkers, or beef stew, which is often served with vegetables. Vape Pen The appetizer and side dishes may also be a great mixture of flavors, and Smok Novo is known to be prepared with fresh ingredients.

Additionally, you will find traditional Thai dishes served at Smok Novo. Traditional Thai foods are a big part of many countries’ cuisine, and several of the chefs that come to America are also Thai in heritage. A few of the dishes served at Smok Novo are so popular, actually, that they actually outnumber the regular menu. The appetizers and side dishes also take into account the majority of the restaurant’s revenue, and Smok Novo prides itself on providing the best tasting food that you may find anywhere.

Most of the smokers which are created at restaurants in San Diego are manufactured by an American, and Smokker may be the official creation of American cooking in the north. The reason being Smokkers may be the trademark dish of California. The original Smokker was made in California as a Chinese-style dumpling pie, and it was very popular in San Francisco. However, with the advent of fast food, and American eating, Smokker started to lose its popularity in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, and soon, it lost its popularity altogether. This, however, didn’t deter the creation of several more smokers in other cities, and several restaurants now offer Smokker in a variety of different styles.

There are always a wide selection of traditional Thai dishes served at Smok Novo, and a number of have become favorites of several people. For example, there’s the so-called Big Mac. A smoker is first deep fried and then served on a plate with special sauce, and in addition, some people even use boneless Big Macs. The Big Mac, like so a great many other traditional Thai dishes, is served with a side of lettuce and pickle.

There is also a Smokker called Massaman curry, that is created from coconut milk and fish curry. The curry is served with a side of brown rice and served with either red or white rice. This curry is famous for its spiciness and is normally served with a green curry sauce. Green curries are often served at lunch and so are normally accompanied by some prawns.

Along with these dishes, Smok Novo also offers a great many other traditional Thai dishes like the famous Massaman curry, the chicken rice, and the sticky rice. This restaurant also has various other dishes including the Vindaloo, which are made from a blend of dried chilies and coconut milk, and the chicken Satay. Many of these dishes are prepared by a number of local Thai chefs who are also trained to prepare a few of the signature dishes of Thailand. This Thai restaurant is one of the best Thai restaurants in London.